World Shore Angling Championships



Rods: 4-5 meters, Maximum length of the rod 5 meters

Reel: Fixed Spool or Multiplier

Leads: 75g - 200g, rolling & grip leads

Hooks Size: 6-1/0, Kamasan B940

The use of stainless steel hooks or other material not corroded by salt water is not allowed

Reel line and breaking strength of main line and trace line: 12-20lb, 50-70lb body with

10-20lb snoods.

Proposed Angling Systems: 3 hook flapper, 2 up 1 down, clipped down rigs

Artificial lures: not used

Fishing may be at the end of the day from dusk into dark. Warm clothing and headlamps will be required.


Fishing Tackle Shops:

• Anglesey Bait Centre, Gallows Point, Beaumaris, LL58 8YL,

 Tel. 01248 810009

• Geoffs Tackle & Bait, 163 Wellington Road, Rhyl, LL18 1LW,

 Tel. 01745 356236

• Pensarn Tackle & Bait, 40 Marine Road, Pensarn, Abergele, LL22 7PR,

 Tel. 01745 608115

• Pier Point, Unit 4, Llandudno Pier, Llandudno, LL30 2LP,

 Tel. 01492 877678

• Rhos Point Pathfinder Sea Fishing, 1-2 Marine Drive, Rhos-on-Sea,

 Colwyn Bay, LL28 4NL,

 Tel.01492 544829